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We analyzed 10 000+ user stories
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Test against 12+ rules and get recommendations
INVEST criteria, and recommendations of Agile experts were digitized to automatic finding issues and get recommendation how to fix it.
Measure general quality score
Our machine learning model trained on over 10 000 real user stories to provide accurate general quality score, where perfection is 100 points.
Access service via Telegram bot
We provide alternative way to turn your user stories to perfection. Telegram bot totally reflects the web service functionality to use it on the go.
6 benefits of good user stories
For most Agile teams user stories are the main vehicle of incremental software delivery, and offer the following benefits
Highest Value Delivery
Helps deliver customer focused features that yield highest value.
Fosters Collaboration
Encourages collaboration among the user, Product owner and the development team.
Shared Understanding
Helps develop shared understanding of user needs through conversations.
Boosts Transparency
Boosts transparency between team members which strengthens trust.
Bring User closer
Makes product development revolve around customer value by focusing on user needs.
Building blocks of product
Each User Story incrementally adds customer value to the product.
Let's unite for better Agile!
You are welcome to learn and share user story best practices!
Requirements verification ensures that requirements specifications and models meet the necessary standard of quality to allow them to be used effectively to guide further work. Requirements validation ensures that all requirements support the delivery of value to the business, fulfill its goals and objectives, and meet a stakeholder need.
A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide)

We respect
and employ best practices to comply leading guides
I think it's a great idea! It's like "static code analysis", but for requirements. It has the potential to help the team to avoid communication gaps early in the process (not just after the feedback from the delivered feature). It's well known that the cost of fix grows exponentially with time. Tools such as has the potential to empower the team to be more efficient, by being an extra source of knowledge.

Mirko Perkusic
Research Manager at Virtus (Brasil)
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